Breaking Borders

Tori Noble, Staff Reporter

Irish Dancers jump, leap, and jig across a festively lit stage. African Americans sing and perform both the traditional and modern dances of their culture. Original poetry on ethnicity is recited. Filipino dancers perform dances in between wooden poles that are rhythmically clapped on the ground. An Irish instrument is played and Chaldean and Indian dancers display the mesmerizing movements of their cultures. Ethnic Bazaar is in a word, beautiful.

The amazing show organized by the Human Relations Council represents much more than beauty, however. It is educational; enriching our minds with art forms that we never knew existed. It is a way for the community to come together, where the drama studio is packed with students watching and cheering for their friends and classmates performing on stage. It is also entertaining, giving students a unique and exciting thing to do on an off hour. But even more than that, Ethnic Bazaar introduces us to the uniqueness and beauty of cultures other than our own.

Many different aspects of culture were represented at Ethnic Bazaar. The costumes worn by many of the performers were almost as amazing as the performances themselves. The Indian dancers wore ornate, beautiful traditional Indian clothing. The Chaldean dancers wore beautiful outfits that jingled when they danced. The food was also delicious. Everything from Greek tabouli to Middle Eastern baklava was featured at Ethnic Bazaar this year. The music played during the dances was also beautiful, and during some performances, students even created music of their own. One student played a Irish instrument, while another sang a traditional African slave song.

The theme of Ethnic Bazaar this year was crossing boundaries. It aimed to show that though all of the food, music, dance, clothing and poetry displayed were unique to a specific culture, it could be appreciated by everyone, which it certainly was. All of the performances were well attended, and students clapped and cheered for each performer. The beauty of the event was certainly appreciated by everyone there.

Ethnic Bazaar showed that the diversity of the student body is something to be celebrated and commended. Celebrating ethnicity is something that makes Mercy truly unique. The diverse student body came together to support and appreciate the many cultures present within our school. Ethnic Bazaar broke borders. It brought the cultures of many to everyone at the school. It helped students gain a new appreciation for other people’s background. The event was, like always, a success, and was appreciated by many.