Student Spotlight: Isabelle Larson


Larson before the Navy Ball.

Mary Kate Winn, Staff Reporter

Junior Isabelle Larson joined the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps last April, and her entire life changed. Sea Cadet Corps is an organization of American youths interested in the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. Through attending drill every other Saturday morning, Larson learned to love the Navy and formed strong bonds of friendship.

She attended summer training sessions to further immerse herself in the culture of the U.S. military. She attend JAG (Judge Advocate General) training in Newport, Rhode Island and boot camp in Illinois. At these camps Larson developed a stronger passion for the military and became close with many people she still keeps in contact with.

In her division at Sea Cadets, Larson has earned recognition for all of her hard work. She became a part of the color guard after a mere two months, and is now a Seaman in rank.

In the future, Larson would love to attend the Naval Academy or join the Navy.

When asked why she was so interested in Sea Cadets, Larson replied that “the Navy calls itself a ‘global force for good’ and I think that being a part of something like that is the best way for me to positively affect the world.”