Student Spotlight: Maggie Ronayne

Jessica Montgomery, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Sophomore Maggie Ronayne loves nothing more than playing lacrosse.  Whenever she has free time, she can be found practicing in her backyard. 

Ronayne began lacrosse four years ago when she joined the Plymouth Recreational Lacrosse Team.  She joined the team because she wanted to try a new sport, and lacrosse seemed like the perfect fit. 

Ronayne has come a long way since she began lacrosse.  Her passes and shots are a lot more precise than when she first began.  She finds she most improved her skills last year when she was on Mercy’s own JV lacrosse team. 

She normally plays attack, but is open to other positions.  Ronayne loves the feeling of getting a good workout, and finds that always happens when she is at a lacrosse practice or game.  No matter the score, Ronayne genuinely loves the game. 

“For me, it’s not necessarily about winning,” said Ronayne.  “I just do my best and have fun.”

She is excited for this upcoming season and all it brings.  Ronayne misses the daily practices and bonding with teammates, and cannot wait for it to start up again this spring.