Student Spotlight: Ashley McGovern

Haley Fox, Staff Reporter

For Ashley McGovern, a new Mercy junior, changing schools had never been high on her ‘to-do’ list. But since transferring from Farmington High School, her recent change in atmosphere has been accepted with open arms.

“Coming to an entire new school junior year isn’t all that fab,” McGovern confessed. “But I ha[ve] never heard a bad thing about Mercy – ever! So even though I had to leave my friends, I’m really quite glad I switched.”

Her favorite thing about Mercy, unsurprisingly, is the people.

“No one is mean!” said McGovern. “It seems as though because everyone who goes here has parents who care about them and their education, no one feels the need to bring others down to make themselves feel better.”

McGovern finds herself fitting in fairly well with Mercy culture, and is even beginning to like the fact that there aren’t any boys! Although she admits adjusting to the work load hasn’t been simple.

“The academics are so hard compared to public school, which at times can be rough. I miss how easy Farmington was!”

McGovern has wasted no time in joining many of Mercy’s various extracurricular activities. She is a member of Mercyaires, Spirit Choir, and Green Club. She is also a part of Model United Nations and looks forward to trying out for lacrosse in the spring.

“Mercy is cool,” remarked Mcgovern. “If you’ve been here your whole high school life, you can’t see just how awesome this school is. Coming from a public high school, I can say that Mercy rocks!”