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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy Royalty


At an all girls high school, certain aspects of the “normal” high school experience are lost. There is no passing notes in class with the boy you like. There is no morning meetings at lockers. With no football team, there is no homecoming game.

For a few girls, like Catherine Nemes, the homecoming game is more than just a dream. For many years, Catholic Central High School, an all boys school in Novi, has had the tradition of a homecoming court with girls from various local high schools.

“The first step to getting on the court is being nominated by a CC boy,” says Nemes, a senior. “All of the girls who were nominated had to meet at CC for an interview. The interview was definitely the hardest part. I was seated in front of a panel of Catholic Central teachers and boys from the Student Council.”

After being asked several questions regarding CC traditions, the nominees were scored based on their responses and the girls with the five highest results were put on the court.

Part of the final judging process is having the entire Catholic Central student body vote for one girl.

“The picture hanging in the hallways is not the only thing deciding who should win,” says Meg Spenchian, another senior nominee. “They also show the videos of the interviews so it isn’t based on just the pictures.”

“It is a school with over 1,000 boys and it is unrealistic for them to get to know all of the girls in a short amount of time,” says Nemes in regards to her picture being displayed. “I am so happy to be representing Mercy! It would be awesome to be queen, but just being on the court is such an honor.”

Catholic Central’s homecoming dance and game are this Sunday.

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