Student Spotlight: Catherine Morgan


Jaclyn Godwin, Staff Reporter

For junior Catherine Morgan, known more commonly as Cam, her high school experience has primarily revolved around volleyball, volleyball, and more volleyball.  She began the sport at an early age and has stuck with it ever since.

“My cousin was a big volleyball player,” says Morgan, “and I saw her play one time in high school and I wanted to do it myself after that.”

For the past two years Morgan has played on the Mercy Varsity team.  They have a record of 31 wins to 3 losses and are currently ranked number one in the state.

“I think we want it a lot more,” says Morgan, “because last year we got so close in the end.  We made it to the finals in states.”

However, with that dedication comes hard work and perseverance.  For Morgan, balancing school with volleyball has become easier for her as the years wore on because she has become more accustomed to the long games and practices.

“Definitely since it’s junior year,” says Morgan, “the work load in school has kicked up a notch, but I’ve been used to like going to practice, coming back, [and] doing homework…for so long.

Coming into her freshman year she played on the Junior Varsity team at Mercy.  That season she felt a strong connection to her teammates and coaches and formed lasting friendships.

“It was the best volleyball experience I’ve ever had in my life,” says Morgan.  “It was like the team and the coaches all fit so well together.