Senior Safari Dominates Field Day


The seniors line up for tug-of-war.

Kathryn Costello, Reporter

Hysteria reigned in the Mercy High gymnasium Thursday with the Senior Safari winning Field Day. As seniors were losing their voices, they cheered on their classmates in various games and activities. By winning the Tug-of-War, the relay, and the tennis ball activity, the seniors raced to the lead with a total of 15 points, edging out the rest of the competition.

The Senior Safari rampaged throughout the day, beginning with a tailgate in the Mercy parking lot. Seniors gathered before school to celebrate their last Field Day together, a sentimental moment for many. As the day progressed, the tension could be felt in the air as each grade anxiously waited for Field Day to begin.

After each grade progressed into the gym, senior Francesca Sovis led the seniors with her wild hyena call. Drums were beaten and  the games began. The freshwomen and sophomores competed against each other, each grade winning different games. The seniors beat the juniors in every game except the balloon-stomping competition, with junior Jessie Guindi winning the title for the juniors.

The freshmen defeated the sophomores in Tug-of-War. The seniors dominated the juniors and then prevailed against the staff in Tug-of-War. However, most faculty members complained about the game’s alleged unfairness.

“The game was rigged,” said English and journalism teacher Lynn Waldsmith with a smile on her face. “We were way outnumbered.”

“I’m so happy that we won,” said senior Lauren Hensick. “It was a really good way to end it. It’s just sad knowing that we’ll never have another Field Day again.”