Student Spotlight: Jaclyn Godwin

Shannon Carpenter, Editor-in-Chief

Sophomore Jaclyn Godwin is certainly multi-talented, as she has participated in the cross country, basketball, and track & field programs here at Mercy. However, lately she has become involved in another area of interest: the performing arts.

Godwin started taking voice lessons in the 5th grade, but she did not immediately take her musical training seriously. Fortunately for Mercy, she continued to foster her ability and she made her stage debut in this year’s musical Hello Dolly.

“I was part of the musical this year and I plan to continue that for the next few years. I’m also considering next year’s fall play and joining the Mercy Mimes,” said Godwin.

Due to policy changes with the Mercyaires for next year, Godwin will also be able to participate in both athletics and the musical performance group as a junior. The sophomore also qualified for the State Solo Ensemble at the regional competition earlier this year. The statewide competition was held this past Friday, April 15th and Godwin delivered two musical pieces and a monologue.

Godwin’s ambition and passion for performing is apparent, as Godwin continues to use her talents beyond her Mercy extracurricular activities. She acts at the cantor on Sundays during Mass at her parish and often volunteers to sing the “Star Spangled Banner” before Mercy Varsity volleyball and basketball games.

Her modesty when she is recognized for her talent is endearing, but she does not shy away from the opportunity to perform. Make sure that you check out a performance next year!