Word to the Wise: Where to Spend an Off Hour depending on your goals

Kristin LeMarbe, Staff Reporter

In the cafeteria: If you are hungry, have no homework, or if it’s Monday and you need to catch up on what happened over the weekend.

In the Media Center: If you forgot to print your English paper, none of your friends are off or you need to finish your geometry homework.

In silent study: If you have a test next hour, the media center is overcrowded, you need to take a nap or just prefer doing homework while listening to music (with headphones!) without being jugged.

In a teacher’s room: If you’re failing the class, missed a day of school, are in desperate need of tutoring or trying to get extra credit.

In the lab: If your computer can’t access the internet, you want to Photoshop your profile picture or you don’t want to wait in line for color printing.

In the chapel: If you need a quiet place to get away from the stress of school, you feel disconnected from God or you have private prayer intentions to express.

In the tech office: If your computer is giving you the blue screen of death, your screen shattered, or you need to charge before a class run completely on Dyknow.

In class: If you forgot that you’re called in today or that it actually isn’t Day 5 and you weren’t off at all.

At home: If you’re a senior with a pass!