Word to the Wise: Things to Avoid

Kristin LeMarbe, Staff Reporter

Here is a short collection of common student pet peeves at Mercy High School. My advice is to avoid doing them.

  1. Walking slowly in the hallway
    For obvious reasons, please maintain a moderate pace in the hallway or at least stay to the right to allow a passing lane. Some are unfortunate enough to have English immediately after Chemistry and a dead sprint may be the only way to make it to class on time.
  2. Forming “pods” in high traffic areas
    This can be considered an addition to “Walking slowly in the hallway.” For the sake of everyone who does not have an off hour try to avoid forming a “pod” with your friends in high traffic areas that require other students to swerve around. These gatherings are better suited for an alcove or the cafeteria.
  3. Treating the parking lot like a Nascar track
    It’s getting harder and harder to cross through cars to get to the door without being hit by a Mercy girl going 90 mph to get to her parking spot. Please use caution and common sense when operating a motor vehicle, if not on the road at least on Mercy property.
  4. Leaving garbage on your lunch table
    This should not even be on this list. Just throw it away and take care of your school. It’s really easy, I promise.
  5. Putting printing off until the last minute
    Printing in the morning should be a last minute resort, don’t spend twenty minutes copying six chapters of your American History textbook while your peers wait in line frantically hoping they will be able to turn their work in on time.
  6. Asking people for gum
    This was going to be “not sharing gum”, but I realized that it’s even worse to be asked for gum than to not share it. Don’t ask anyone for gum, if they offer it then you can accept. If they tell you it’s their last piece, take the hint.