Word to the Wise: Getting Adequate Exercise

Kristin LeMarbe, Staff Reporter

Up until sophomore year we were required to take a physical education class to fulfill credit obligations. After that we were free to pick from any elective that interested us and most opted out of daily physical education class.

Most Mercy girls are active in sports, either school related or intramural, but during the off-season is it hurting or helping our grades not to be working out?

CNN Health identifies a link between exercise and learning; just ten to twenty minutes daily of physical exertion can help improve memory and understanding.

It’s obvious that exercise improves general health and well-being. For Mercy girls who feel that their studies take up most of their time and think even a quick workout would not benefit them academically; there is plenty of data to support the opposite.

If you aren’t in a gym class this semester, have a few months before your sport’s season or just aren’t involved in either, it’s recommended that before starting homework, after a long day of school, a short walk or run will actually improve the speed at which one completes their homework.

Besides, spring is coming! The weather is getting warmer and staying inside writing papers and doing logarithms is just not the way we should be spending our time. Take your dog out for a jog, or go on a bike ride around your neighborhood after school to get your blood flowing, re-energize yourself after a long day and enjoy the great outdoors.

You’ll feel refreshed and ready to conquer your homework, which CNN Health says will be completed in less time with increased accuracy!