Student Spotlight: Kirstie Racinski


A smily Racinski steps up to inbound the ball.

Liz Kenney, Web Editor

“I did ballet for one session and then I quit,” senior Kirstie Racinski admits.

Yes, and from then on Racinski lived and breathed soccer. Beginning her soccer career around the age of 6, she has only grew to love the sport more.

“Soccer really bonds you to the people you play with and gives you life-long friends.” says Racinski.

This soccer star has played on three different travel teams throughout her career, including the Livonia Meteors, the Novi Jaguars, and the Farmington Flames. She is a four-year varsity team member of Mercy. Racinski recently kicked off her final soccer season, leading the team as Varsity captain.

Besides being on Mercy’s soccer team, Racinski also played on Mercy’s basketball team for three years, one of which was on the varsity team.

Next year, Racinski will continue her education at Grand Valley State University, while kicking around a few soccer balls in the process; she hopes to play on the club level. Racinski plans to major in physical therapy and minor in psychology.

“I can fix all your problems in one visit,” Racinski jokes.