Student Spotlight: Jordyn Kahler

Paige Taliaferro, Associate Editor-In-Chief

Senior Jordyn Kahler has been a dedicated dancer for 14 years. In her time as a dancer, she has done summer intensives in places like Point Park University in Pittsburgh where she got to work with world renowned teachers for six weeks. She doesn’t mind giving up her time for dance; it’s her passion.

“Dance is a way for me to relieve a lot of the stress I have sometimes,” says Kahler. “Dance means everything to me; it makes me thankful for everything in my life. When I dance I’m in my own world and nothing else matters. It’s also very inspirational to me.”

College won’t get in the way of her talent. In fact, her amazing skills have allowed her to get into her dream school, Indiana University, as a contemporary dance and dietetics major.

“When I found out I got in, it almost was like I didn’t want to believe it,” says Kahler. “I thought it was too good to be true. Being able to dance in college is a really great gift.”

Dreams and reality do collide, congratulations Jordyn. Go Hoosiers!