Student Spotlight: Veronica Battersby


Veronica Battersby as Annie in Mercy’s 2010 production of Annie;

Dana Fouchia, Design Editor

This week I had the honor of chatting with Mercy’s very own Veronica Battersby, 16, who brings her talent to the stage once again. This year, she plays the lead, Dolly, in Mercy’s Hello, Dolly! I sat down with her for a one on one interview. Want to get inside her mind? Scroll down.

D: How are you doing today?

V:  I am great thank you! How are you?

D: I’m okay. How’s junior year treating you?

V: Junior year is quite busy. But good.

D: Busy because of Hello, Dolly?

V: Yes definitely.

D: Do you like playing the lead?

V: Yes I do.

D: Why?

V: I like the responsibility. It’s a lot of work but it really pays off.

D: So tell me. Has such a drastic change in roles been hard for you? You went from playing an 11 year old to a 40 something.

V: It’s actually been really exciting! Hello, Dolly! is so much different than Annie. Even the singing is different. It’s a completely different experience for me and I’m learning so much.

D: Well, can you tell the reader 5 things they didn’t know about you to wrap things up?


1. I have three siblings who are my best friends.

2. I have a dog named Seamus.

3. I live for music.

4. My favorite color is purple.

5. I secretly love nature.