Word to the Wise: Standardized Study Tips


Kristin LeMarbe, Staff Reporter

With the second semester in full swing and Junior MME testing coming up in March, some standardized test taking tips seem appropriate.

Prepare for tests in advance, especially for tests as important as the ACT or the SAT. Have everything ready the night before to avoid added stress in the morning.

When it comes to actually taking the test, stay calm and focused. If you feel yourself getting anxious or overwhelmed, take a minute to relax and breathe.

The most effective way to ensure that you score as high as possible is to go through the test once, answering all the questions you know you can answer correctly and skipping the questions you will have to dedicate more time to or just guess on. After you’ve gone through the entire test this way, go through it the second time solving and answering the questions you marked for later.

Before starting any standardized test it’s a good idea to choose one answer (A, B, C, or D) and use it on every question you have to guess on. If you realize that you have only two minutes and twenty questions left to answer, simply fill in the entire column. There’s a better chance of getting more correct this way than skipping around and filling out your scantron in a zigzag fashion.

Of course, getting a good night’s rest, eating a healthy breakfast and having your pencils sharpened will improve your test scores immensely. Good luck!