Student Spotlight: Maria Walawender

Student Spotlight: Maria Walawender

Sophomore Maria Walawender gives the bowling team a pep talk before a tournament.

Kathleen Abenes, Staff Reporter

For most students, a weekend consists of staying home to do homework or going out with friends and family, but sophomore Maria Walawender’s schedule is much different.

A talented athlete, Walawender is part of Mercy’s indoor field hockey team as well as the bowling team. Before coming to Mercy, she bowled at her elementary school, St. Michael’s, and as a freshman, she made the varsity bowling team.

As part of the bowling team, Walawender has practice four days every week in addition to Catholic League meets and weekend tournaments.

After waking up around 7:30 Saturday morning to go to a bowling tournament, Walawender spends hours at the bowling alley before going home. Her day doesn’t end there though; she also has an indoor field hockey game around 10 at night.

Aside from sports, Walawender excels in everything she does, both academic and extracurricular.

Walawender’s weekends can be hectic at times, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She enjoys both sports and the friends she has made through each of them.