‘The Bachelorette’: changing for the better


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Clare Crawley and her fiancé, Dale Moss, are excited to be breaking Bachelor Nation’s standards by finding love in the first four episodes of “The Bachelorette.”

Season 16 of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” premiered on Oct. 13 and had fans excited for the long awaited season. It was supposed to come out this past summer, but due to the pandemic the cast had to take precautions and wait until it was safe to film. Clare Crawley, this season’s bachelorette, shook up this season and did something that has never happened in Bachelor Nation history. She gave her final rose out on episode three, which left the men heartbroken, and fans yearning for a more fulfilling season. Although the choice Clare made could be irritating to some, it was genuine and shows how bachelor nation is becoming more realistic.

In the past, many have believed “The Bachelorette” was scripted and fake due to the unrealistic expectations and standards portrayed in the show, but Clare’s decision contradicts that belief. She broke the rules and did something that most bachelorette’s of the past would have been too scared to do, picking Dale Moss so soon. 

Tayshia Adams, the new bachelorette that is replacing Clare, is also breaking standards by walking into a group of men that were all originally on the show to find love with Clare. The fact that Tayshia is trying to find love with these men that were there for Clare makes the show seem more realistic. Between Clare finding true love instantly and Tayshia bonding with this group of men proves how “The Bachelorette” is adapting to more modern ways, and allowing real life situations to play out on the show. 

Even though many fans were upset about the instant changes in this season, Bachelor Nation is proving to America that they are not totally fake. What has happened on the show models situations in everyday life, making the show more relatable and more enjoyable to watch.