Why Lunch Should be Moved


Photo by: Delilah Coe

Mercy student and athlete is distraught over lunch time because of her limited time to eat due to sports.

An average Mercy girl’s regular school day consists of waking up, a morning routine, breakfast, school, an extracurricular, dinner, homework, sleep, and repeat. The base of this schedule is pretty standard, even for students that are in college or people that have nine-to-five jobs.

Eating is one of the most important parts of your schedule because it fuels your body, and it allows you to do all the other tasks that need to get done throughout the day. It’s especially important this time of year, as students get adjusted to school that they also get into regular eating habits. This is important for students because fuel is key to be able to learn, study, and train for sports. With that being said, I think that it’s crucial for lunch time to get moved back to after the fourth hour, instead of at the beginning of the fourth hour. 

Students eating at 10:38 in the morning is way too early, especially considering that they ate breakfast only about three hours earlier. Due to the unprecedented times, students can only eat and remove masks at one point in the day. Athletes who eat their first two meals in the morning are starving when it comes time for afternoon practice, and then have to practice on an empty stomach, which isn’t healthy. They are not able to eat until they get home, which is about a seven hour time period, depending on the athlete. Everyone being in a different situation makes it hard to choose a time for lunch break, but it is vital for all students to eat lunch at a later time to improve student productivity and to promote healthier eating habits.