Negative social media influencers


Teenage girls tend to compare their own bodies to the perfectly edited bodies of social media influencers. Photo illustration by Abby Shaw

Social media influencers have taken over the internet. Teen social media users specifically are drawn to these influencers because of their wealth and “perfect” image. At their young age, teenagers are very impressionable and therefore more likely to attempt to obtain the unrealistic body images and wealth that these influencers flaunt on social media. When the teens are unable to successfully reflect what they see from the influencers, their self-esteem can drop drastically and their mental health is also likely to have negative effects. 

Female influencers usually promote unrealistic standards for young girls to try to follow. The girls see their photos and begin to compare themselves to them whether they are aware of it or not. With most of the young female influencers having similar skinny and toned body types, teen girls can be misled to think that that is the norm. They begin to think if they are not just as skinny, then they are not acceptable in society. This can lead to the girls developing eating disorders in order to obtain these “perfect” bodies. 

Teenagers can also be deceived by the wealth that they see these influencers gain. Because the influencers were able to become so wealthy in a short amount of time without much work put forth, teenagers are likely to assume that they can do the same. It is possible that they will then place more of an emphasis on gaining followers on social media platforms than doing well in school or other more important things. They are easily misled by the simple ways in which these influencers have gained so much money, and then believe that they can do the same. However, when they are unsuccessful, their mental health can be negatively affected.