Thank you Ariana Grande, what’s next?


Ariana Grande poses in her Mean Girls outfit as she gets ready to record. Fair use: Instagram

Ariana Grande created the perfect mashup of some of our favorite movies in her new music video for her single “Thank u, next”. In the video, Grande stars as the main character in classic movies including Mean Girls, Bring it On, 13 Going on 30, and Legally Blonde.

The video opens up with a remake of a scene from the classic 2004 movie, Mean Girls. It shows many different high school students talking about how they heard certain rumors about the school’s most popular girl, (Grande in this music video) and how they aspire to do the same things that she does.

Bring it On is the next movie featured in the video with Grande acting as the main character, Torrence and starring in the famous cheerleading battling scene. Next, we see Ariana as Jenna from 13 Going on 30.

Breaking the YouTube record for most views in 24 hours, fans of Grande went crazy over the video.  Through the music video, fans were able to see her in a different light.

Many people believe that Grande chose these movies to reenact because they all depict powerful teenage female leads. Although Grande never expressed why she chose the movies that she did, fans have concluded that she must have wanted to demonstrate the power of women and their independence.

This theme of women’s independence goes along with the lyrics of her song and demonstrates how women do not need men in their lives. Grande’s song and music video were both successful in spreading her message and giving her young female fans a good model to learn from.