Black Friday: yay or nay?


Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi is a popular mall many shoppers rush to on Black Friday for the excellent deals. The mall allows people to shop from 6 p.m. until midnight on Thanksgiving and re-opens at 7 a.m. on Black Friday. Fair use: Instagram

As the holiday season quickly approaches, shoppers begin to notice deals pop up for Black Friday in store windows and online. People are indecisive on whether to shop in stores or stay home and wait for Cyber Monday. Well, there are benefits to Black Friday shopping despite the long lines.

Pro #1: Get Christmas shopping done.

It’s the perfect time to knock a few things off the Christmas lists and get in some early shopping. If people wait, they risk an item running out of stock, being placed on backorder, or lost in the mail. Black Friday allows someone to get the item in person, knowing she received it on time.

Pro #2: You can see the item in person.

Online shopping poses the problem of misjudging an item for what it could really look like in person. When someone goes shopping in person, she can see the item for what it truly is and buy the correct size. Shopping in stores can allow someone to try on clothes to find the correct sizes or look at toys to make sure they are the right ones to purchase.

Pro #3: No shipping fees.

When shopping on Black Friday, people already spend enough money, what with all the deals and such, but added shipping fees? Black Friday skips that extra cost and allows people to simply take home their items with no shipping fee. If people wait for Cyber Monday, they have to wait for the item to arrive and pay for shipping.

Pro #4: Exclusive deals.

Black Friday often offers deals that are unmatched to Cyber Monday deals, so it is better to take advantage of the sales as they come instead of waiting. Although there may be sales online for Cyber Monday, they might not be as promising as in-store sales.

Black Friday doesn’t always match up to its usual hype from stores around the country, however. It’s that time of the year when every warehouse, car dealership, and clothing store wheels out every and any deal imaginable. Before everyone goes out of their way this year to cram their family into the minivan and haul themselves around town in search of bargains, consider Black Friday shopping may just save you some hassle and maybe a few extra dollars in gas money.

Con #1: The dangers of driving.

Anyone who’s driven at all on his hectic holiday can testify to the overwhelming amount of cars on the road. On top of the sheer number of cars, the mad dash to make it to the next sale has drivers in a frenzy. As any driver can testify, having someone cut into your lane, or attempting to navigate a packed parking lot can be enough to opt to stay at at home. 

Con #2: The risk of injury inside a store.

If people somehow manage to brave the traffic and parking nightmare accompanying Black Friday shopping, their next obstacle is searching through thousands of items to find a deal, all while fighting off other desperate shoppers. Countless videos can be found on the internet of people storming into stores the second the doors open, leaving people trampled and injured as they get lost in a sea of bodies.

Con #3: Small Business Saturday is right around the corner.

Black Friday is known for having sales from every department store in the country, but just 24 hours later, Small Business Saturday takes place. Not only is supporting small businesses great for the economy, but it also helps keep a local community thriving, and leaves customers with a sense of pride towards their town. The lack of publicity towards Small Business Saturday also leaves shops not nearly as jam-packed as a chain store on Black Friday, decreasing the issue of traffic, parking, and the risk of getting injured.

Con #4: Cyber Monday makes deals accessible and convenient.

Cyber Monday allows anyone to access deals by simply scrolling through a store’s deals online. Forget the hassle of driving, parking, and braving the winding aisles of stores, because Cyber Monday allows you to do all of your shopping cuddled in your pajamas at home.