Promotions Problem


Khloé Kardashian promoting a weight loss tea from the controversial “FLATTUMMYCO” product line. Fair Use: Instagram

Scrolling online, the teen comes across Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram post. The decadent candy in Kim’s mouth intrigues the impressionable girl, especially since the red lollipop is meant to decrease one’s appetite.

This intrigued individual is a fictional character who represents each of us and highlights a bigger issue. Is the general public more likely to buy a certain product just because it’s celebrity-endorsed?

Wherever we turn, there are ads and endorsements for the latest and greatest products, lawyers, vacations, and everything in between. Some of these endorsements are causing distrust.

Celebrities undoubtedly have a huge influence in society, especially among teens and young adults. The endorsements these individuals promote can be great platforms to showcase products the celebrities use frequently or products that influence their career in one way or another.

However, since these products are merely paid endorsements, some celebrities will showcase low quality or even harmful products just for money.
Many celebrities have been caught in the controversial “FLATTUMMYCO Tea” scandal, including both Kim and Khloé Kardashian. The tea was purported to be a weight loss product wrapped into a delicious beverage, but many claim the product does absolutely nothing for weight loss. On Instagram, the sisters have a combined following of 195.8 million followers. With them and hundreds of other fitness and celebrity promoters, the product has been seen by hundreds of millions of people.

The product has not only proven ineffective for most people, but promotes an unhealthy weight loss solution to many young followers. Any form of weight loss supplements can be harmful for young people, yet celebrities often promote such products to a large demographic of younger followers.
While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being interested in a product based on the fact that a prominent person promotes it, consumers should thoroughly research a product before deciding to purchase it.