Think Mercy this Thanksgiving


In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, look around and find all of the things you can be thankful for. (Photo credit: Lilly Blake)

At Mercy, the weeks and days leading up to the holidays can be extremely stressful. Papers, tests, and finals preparations make it hard to find good in the day-to-day. But, if you look hard enough, you will see the beauty that is everywhere and exudes from the halls of Mercy. Often, it is hard to have this outlook. But there is so much to appreciate. Here are seven things about Mercy that you can be thankful for this holiday season:

1. The person in the hallway that you smile at every time you pass each other, no matter the day, hour, or mood you are in. People with this attitude aren’t common outside the halls of Mercy.

2. The comment from your advisor every morning at sign-in. It’s not often that you will have someone check up on you twice a day for four years straight. Your advisor cares about you in ways you do not even realize.

3. The fun little signs on the stalls of the bathroom. Only at Mercy will you see these cute, funny messages as you take care of business. People are rooting for you and truly care about you.

4. The times when you were 25 cents short in the cafeteria and a member of the cafeteria staff said, “That’s alright. We’ve got you covered. Have a great day.” They spend their days for you. They’ve got your back.

5. Those rare occasions when a teacher lovingly moves a test back a day or two. The teachers at Mercy have your best interest at heart and know how hard you work. They want you to succeed.

6. That gentle smile and wave from each of the women at the reception area. They work so hard behind the scenes to make sure that our school day runs smoothly.

7. The joy of sitting around the Thanksgiving table and telling your relatives that you go to Mercy. This place is transforming you into a woman who makes a difference, whether you like it or not. You are a part of something great.

Although you will be away from school the next few days, think about your second home, the one that you return to every morning and leave every afternoon, and how it has changed your life. This Thanksgiving, remember Mercy.