Pro-life power


The pro-life club views and discusses a video that draws parallels between abortion and the Nazi holocaust (Photo Credit: Emma Mallon).

The Pro-life club’s final meeting of the semester was held Dec. 3 during A club meeting time. The main focus of the meeting was enlightening others on pro-life views, and even helping some comprehend what they already believe.

A video titled 180 was shown; it drew parallels between abortion and the Nazi Holocaust. Although these two historical ‘wars’ may appear to be different, there are many striking similarities. In the first 37 years following Roe v. Wade, 53,310,843 unborn children were aborted in the United States. This video was used to raise awareness and accept responsibility for abortion.

Different scenarios are proposed to participants in the video, and they are asked for their responses. Many people contradict their own beliefs, causing them to question whether they are truly pro-choice or pro-life.

In one question, the interviewer introduced the mindset of Nazi officers by asking people if they were given the choice to bulldoze hundreds of Jewish people and bury them alive, or be killed themselves, which would they choose? Many people chose to kill the Jews to protect themselves. They are then asked whether they would kill all of them with a machine gun; many of the responses then changed. When the death becomes more direct, the guilt of the person is enhanced and the person feels more responsible for the death of others.

The film maintains that abortion legalizes the killing of human life and the responsibility and guilt of the act is lost in the message of “a woman’s choice.” The discussion following the video highlighted weak arguments some have for pro-choice viewpoints and strategies one can use to help understand his/her own opinions. Powerful imagery and parallels also help one understand the pain and destruction of abortion.

“I like how the interviewer caused the people to contradict themselves and realize how wrong abortion is,” said Pro-life officer Natalie Cieslak. “It also exposed how ignorant some people are about the issue.”

        The 180 video can be found at the following link: