A Trip Down Memory Lane

Each year, Mercy's Open House is a great display of what the school has to offer.
Each year, Mercy’s Open House is a great display of what the school has to offer.

       Mercy High School’s Annual fall open house took place on November 3rd and many prospective students came through the auditorium entrance, excited to find more about what Mercy  has to offer.

       As I looked at these fresh new faces, it brought back many memories from when I was eagerly anticipating being a freshman at this school. I remembered how nerve-wracking it was to come to high school and thought that it would be much different than it turned out to be. Many other students had similar feelings towards high school.

       “I was a little bit nervous about high school before freshman welcome day, but once I went to it, I couldn’t wait for high school, said junior Lizzie Lilley.  “Mrs. Brown made the school so welcoming.”

       Like myself, many girls first experienced what Mercy was about during the open house. During this event, prospective students are able to walk around the school and learn about the curriculum. They are also able to meet teachers and current students. The student tour guides are willing to answer any questions about the school, as are the teachers.

       “My mom wanted to check out Mercy,” said freshman Sarah Clark. “I really liked it and the teachers seemed to care more than my middle school.”

       Although most students are new to Mercy, others have sisters and mothers who have walked these very halls in the past. For these legacy girls, the high school decision is much easier

       “My mom went here, my three aunts, and my seven cousins came to Mercy… and they all loved it, so I really didn’t have a reason not to go,” said Lilley.

       Whether there is a family legacy at Mercy or a student wants to try an alternative to public school, everyone feels nervous about entering Mercy High School the first time. Hopefully, those feelings are instantly forgotten when they enter the welcoming halls of this colorful and spirited school.