Mercy Hits the Polls


Senior Anna Larson prepares to vote in a real voting booth, set up in the school lobby.

Hank Green

Haley Fox, Features Editor

Senior Anna Larson prepares to vote in a real voting booth, set up in the school lobby. Mercy High School celebrated the upcoming election with one of their own, available to all Mercy students and staff. The mock election was held in the lobby and was moderated by Mercy’s social studies department.

Students at Mercy went to the polls on Tuesday to cast ballots for President, while seniors and staff voted on state issues as well.

In preparation for the 2013 election, seniors were given the opportunity on Tuesday to use official voting booths and a counting machine to cast their ballots. Students and staff alike voted on not only the presidency, but district officials, non-partisan judges, and all six proposals.

“I’m glad we got to vote with a real ballot,” says Mercy senior Jacquelyn Murphy. “It made it more realistic, and there was a lot of stuff I needed to research on the ballot.  I’m not voting this year, but I’m still excited.”

Although the other three classes did not vote using the booths, they were equally excited about the prospect of voting and enthusiastic about the mock election.

“This is great,” said Mercy sophomore Tasia Gabriel. “Voting is important to me because we as a people get to choose–that affects all of us.”

According to Mercy social studies teacher Lisa Robinet, the results of Tuesday’s election will be announced soon.

A group of sophomores decide who to vote for.
Frio likes voting too!









Here is a short youtube video by VlogBrothers that explains the importance of voting.