Staff Editorial: The Value of an Oscar

Staff Editorial: The Value of an Oscar

Stephanie Dilworth, Opinions Editor

To win an Oscar is a dream of anyone in the film industry. Actors, directors, and writers who strive to create noteworthy movies dedicate their lives to the industry not for a shiny trophy but because film is what they are passionate about.

 Although an extraordinary work deserves recognition sometimes these awards get too much hype. Someone who strives to achieve in their given field is a success, regardless of who notices.

There are many low budget films with talented but unknown players in the film industry who will never get anywhere near the Oscars, but still make valuable contributions to the film industry.

While many people watch the Oscars to put together a list of must-see films, people shouldn’t forget about all of the excellent, less known films. Even though it’s logical to pay more attention to movies nominated for such a prestigious award, don’t be a movie snob.

Another superficial aspect of the Academy Awards is the ridiculous amount of emphasis on what everyone is wearing. It’s disappointing to have someone receive an award for a truly outstanding performance and all anyone can talk about the next day is how ugly that celebrity’s dress was designed.

Most people who are nominated for an esteemed award surely want to look their best for this important moment. Therefore, it’s not completely unreasonable for celebrities to be somewhat preoccupied with their wardrobe choices before the Oscars.

When regular people wear an ugly outfit, most people don’t care. Unfortunately for celebrities, style shows like E news and magazines “hot or not” columns are itching to tear their wardrobe apart, especially at events like the Oscars. Celebrities with a stylist may not necessarily be obsessive fashionistas, but are really just trying to avoid humiliation for a fashion blunder.

Celebrities have been put on a pedestal. They not only are supposed to be talented but know how to dress stylishly or be torn to shreds the next day.

Our society has expected perfection from these “stars,” but we forget that regardless of their fame, fancy clothes, and makeup, everyone walking down the red carpet is a human being too.