Staying home or homecoming game?


A U of D student onlooking the U of D homecoming game on Saturday, October 12 at Hazel Park High School. Photo by Keiley Black

Along with the hype of homecoming every year comes the annual homecoming game. In the past, turnout was huge for both University of Detroit Jesuit students and Mercy students. However, this year was quite a drastic change.

U of D took on long time rival Loyola High School, but the usual rivalry was not as apparent as in past years. This year, the homecoming game was at noon on the same day as U of D’s homecoming.

This causes the game to have a very different vibe than usual. Those who attended the game were stressed about getting ready in time for the dance later that day. Attendance for the boys was low, which was quite surprising for a school with such a spirited student section. The girls in attendance were also impacted by the fact that homecoming was later that day.

“My decision to [go] was impacted because I [was] going to homecoming later,” said sophomore Sadie MillerWright.

The 45 degree temperature also had somewhat of an effect on turnout for the game. It was one of the coldest days during football season this year.

“No one really wants to be [there] when it’s cold,” admitted sophomore Katelyn Moyer.

Regardless of the lower turnout, the football game was no disappointment. U of D crushed rival Loyola High School 26-8. But students at U of D and Mercy are already asking for the game to be moved back to a Friday next year.

“Turnout was kind of expected for noon on a Saturday,” said U of D senior Steven Wall. “I have heard a lot of talk about moving the game back to being on a Friday, which I think is a way better idea.”