Climate Change and its effects in Michigan


Snow was piled high outside Mercy High School after a recent snow day. (Photo Credit: Clarisa Russenberger)

After a recent snow day, it’s difficult to believe that global warming is present in Michigan. However, its effects can not be overlooked after one of the warmest years in Michigan.

According to MLive, Lake Michigan is so warm that it has set a new October record. In fact, according to the Michigan Environmental Council, rough waters lie ahead for the Great Lakes if we continue on this path of global warming, otherwise known as climate change.

These Michigan experts told reporters that among other things, the effects of climate change in Michigan and the Great Lakes may include higher temperatures, unpleasant weather, lower lake levels, and a decrease in biodiversity. This leads to an increase in heavy rainstorms, an increase of dangerous heat days, and a decrease in Michigan wildlife. Another expected effect of climate change in Michigan is a decline in the cherry industry.

“I am disappointed and feel like this would be a much easier fix if people knew what was going on,” said junior Brooke Madak. “If people knew how climate change was affecting Michigan, I think they would try to stop it.”

According to the Natural Resource Defense Council, there are many different ways to fight against climate change. Some practical, inexpensive methods include using LED light bulbs, carpooling and buying energy efficient appliances with an Energy Star label. If you want to go above and beyond, you can buy fuel efficient vehicles, power your house with renewable energy, and weatherize your house in an effort to save energy for heating and cooling.

Many energy efficient appliances have an Energy Star label. (Photo Credit: Fair Use)