Bundle Up


Caption: An arctic blast chills the eastern side of the country and forces Metro Detroiters to feel the bitter cold of -37° F (Photo Credit: Paisley Sutton).

Michigan weather never fails to surprise. Whether it be 70-degree weather in March (2012), the wrath of the polar vortex (2014), or the recent near record-breaking arctic temperatures, Michiganders never quite know what to expect. However, the arctic blasts affecting the entire eastern side of the country have people nation-wide bundling up.

Beginning Valentine’s Day, temperatures in Metro Detroit barely peaked above single digits and were recorded as low as -9° F, close to the record of -10° F set in 1904. Factoring in the wind chill, the gelid air felt like -37° F.

According to NPR, the nearly 18,000 homeless people living in Detroit are turning to “tent cities” to face these extreme temperatures. With only three overnight warming centers in the city, the homeless don’t have many options.

“I’m worried for the homeless,” said junior Blair Cha. “I’ve seen animals being frozen to death in this weather, and the fact that [the homeless] are living outside in this weather is inhumane.”

Michigan’s weather is no comparison to the Northeast’s ‘Snow Hurricane,’ bringing Boston eight feet of snow in addition to bitter temperatures. This arctic blast is also wreaking havoc on the South causing up to four inches of ice, snow, and sleet in some areas. According to USA Today, the weather in the Northeast, Midwest, and some Southern areas caused the cancellation of over 1,000 flights.

With March just around the corner, the prospect of spring and warm weather isn’t too far off. Until temperatures start to rise, however, make sure you’re completely bundled up and protected.