Detroit shines with the 2015 Auto Show

Car-lovers swarm to see some of the best new cars in the world like the Ford GT, the Lincoln MKX and the Chevrolet ZO6 (Photo Credit: Paisley Sutton).

The North American International Auto Show is Detroit’s time to shine. Each year the city lines up the best cars for the world to see at Cobo Hall. Here, Detroit reminds the country why it is called “The Motor City.”

Friday was the Auto Show’s Annual Charity Preview where car-lovers could purchase a $400 ticket to attend a black-tie event. Attendees got the first look at the cars and enjoyed a concert by the Steve Miller Band. Many local celebrities made appearances this year, including Aretha Franklin and Nicole Murphy. This year, the preview earned $5.3 million for nine southeastern Michigan children’s charities.

The 2015 Auto Show’s attendance was estimated to trump previous years. Saturday, the first public day, saw 110,509 people. This was over 3,000 more than 2014’s opening day. An opening day attendance hasn’t been this high since the 2000 Auto Show.

It’s no surprise that so many people were rushing to get downtown. This year’s cars leave attendees in awe. The Ford GT super car and Buick’s Avenir concept car were receiving the most buzz for their sleek and stunning design.

“I loved the Buick concept,” said junior Kristen Edwards. “With the white and grey interior; I didn’t even realize it was a Buick.”

Contrary to the GT, which is expected to begin production in 2017, the Avenir is simply a concept used to display’s Buick’s new direction for car design. Other companies like Chevrolet and Hyundai released concepts for a similar purpose.

“I wanted to see…the Mercedes G550,” said Edwards. “I like the box look of it and the sleekness of it too.”

Over 750 vehicles can be seen through Jan. 25 at this year’s Auto Show. Tickets are $13 for adults, $7 for seniors and children (7 to 12-years-old), and free for children under 6.