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Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


Mercy High School ~ Farmington Hills, Michigan


The Craziest Party that Never Happened

Although three Farmington Hills boys’ plans to throw a party entitled “Project M” were squandered by local authorities last week, the hosts, two of whom are local Farmington Hills Harrison High School students, say that they are working on a second attempt.

The original party was supposedly inspired by the popular movie Project X, which premiered on February 29th. In the film, three high school boys set out to throw a party to gain attention at school. Shortly thereafter, thousands learn of the party, and show up to the house, spinning the party wildly out of control.

Thousands of people tweeted and retweeted about Project M. By the night before the party, #ProjectM was trending worldwide. The address of the party was trending locally. The three boys who planned the event—Mikey Vasovski, Tyler Burch, and Jake Vento—say their follower counts rose from in the low hundreds to over 9,000 in Vasovski’s case.

“The party was only meant to be for about 100 people,” says Vasovski, “then the power of social media took over.”

Despite warnings from the local police department who reportedly received calls about the party from as far as California, Vasovski, Burch, and Vento were still determined to have the party. A list of fines that the Farmington Hills police said the Vasovski family would be responsible for if the party occurred forced the teens to cancel the party. According to the police officer stationed outside of the Vasovski home Friday night, Project M would violate several zoning laws.

Even though the party was ultimately cancelled, Vasovski said that they, “received a lot of love on twitter.”

The night of the party, the Farmington Hills police and Vasovski’s father, who originally approved the party planned for 100 people, stayed at the foreclosed home to prevent people from entering. Various local news stations also camped outside the house, reporting on the cancelled party as updates were made available. Newsprint Staff Reporters Katie Denton and Jessie LaRouere were interviewed when they passed by the house to take pictures for this story.

Vasovski, Burch and Vento claim have tweeted vague plans for a party to occur (in compliance with the local laws).

“I can’t give too much away,” said Vasovski, “but we are planning something big.”

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