2012 Republican Caucuses

Mariel-Christine Mulqueen, Staff Reporter

Now that Super Tuesday is a distant memory,  the two candidates in the lead are Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum who both hold the most delegates.

Romney’s total now adds up to six states after his win of Ohio. Though he seems to be pulling ahead, Romney still faces heavy competition from Santorum, who is gaining most of the conservative Republican votes.

Newt Gingrich also is gaining enough conservative votes to negatively affect Romney and Santorum.

Similarly, Ron Paul’s minor wins in some southern states have also taken away significantly needed votes from both of the two lead candidates.

Many of Mercy students, especially those who are eligible to vote, watch the fascinating debates. “I have been following [the caucuses] and I find it interesting how different the candidates are,” said senior Colette Berg.

The next three upcoming caucuses in Kansas, Mississippi, and Alabama hold considerable importance in determining the 2012 Republican presidential candidate.