New Ownership for Skype

Jessica Montgomery, Staff Reporter

Microsoft announced its plans to purchase Skype on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.  Many people are curious about what Microsoft is planning for Skype’s future and how it will affect their Skype/Microsoft experience.

Microsoft has five possible major plans that they would do with their new purchase, according to Doug Gross, a CNN reporter.

The first plan is to integrate Skype with the Xbox.  Since the Xbox already offers motion-sensitive games and Xbox LIVE, an online service where gamers can play with other gamers throughout the world for a fee, there is no reason as to why the two should not be combined.  Since many other gaming devices offer online interactions for free, Microsoft believes that adding Skype features to Xbox LIVE could be just what the online service needed to move forward, according to Gross.

Secondly, Microsoft is looking to improve their Windows phones.  With the help of Skype, Microsoft could be given the advantage it needs in order to sell low-demand phones.

Skype’s features might even be making an appearance on Facebook.  As Microsoft has owned a piece of Facebook since 2007, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, might be looking towards adding video to Facebook chat.

Finally, Microsoft is looking towards improving Hotmail by adding video features.  This may give the email service just the push necessary to acquire users lost to Gmail.

Although Microsoft has hinted at these possibilities, it has not announced any definite plans for Skype.  Time will only tell what it plans to do with this significant purchase.