Marlins of Mercy: Grace Nieto


Junior Grace Nieto gets ready to hit for her travel softball team, the Chicago Bandits. Photo used with permission from Grace Nieto

“I went to Our Lady of Sorrows before coming to Mercy, and I started to play softball at a very young age. My passion for softball has been consistent since the age of 4 when I played T-ball and I just fell in love with the sport. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to continue playing for as long as could. It has been an outlet for me to forget about all my stress and just focus on the game. My sister has been a role model for me and she has also helped influence me throughout my life and in softball.

Softball has been my passion for as long as I can remember, so committing to Northwestern my freshman year for it was really exciting. I also play hockey. I try my very best in school because being involved in AP and honors courses as well as sports can be really tough sometimes, but I try my best. I also had hip surgery really recently, which has limited me from playing the sports I love, [and that] makes me sad but I’ve been pushing through it and have kept going. The surgery has given me a lot of time to focus on school, which is helpful, but not being able to play sports right now is weird because I’m usually always busy either traveling for softball or training for hockey.

In [the] future, I hope to be successful with softball then move on and work with something in the medical field. I’m not sure yet, but I’m definitely interested in being a PA (physician assistant). Other than that, I’m focusing on graduation, then moving onto my career at Northwestern.”