Marlins of Mercy: Maureen Stoecklein ‘91


Maureen Stoecklein ‘91 has been able to pursue various passions through her work as a firefighter and a team dietician for the New York Mets. Photo used with permission from Maureen Stoecklein

“About five years ago, I decided to re-submerge myself in nutrition, and that’s when I started working as the sports dietician at Barwis Methods, which is a training facility in Plymouth. They train Olympic and professional and high school and college level athletes, and they brought me on as their dietician to help with some of the sports nutrition stuff. From there … I started working with the owner of the Mets on a personal level with his nutrition. Then when they were hiring a dietician, we had already developed a relationship because I had worked with him already and that’s when I got the job with the New York Mets. Now I am a full-time firefighter and I also work as the team dietician for the Mets.

The common bond between firefighting and being a dietician is ultimately both professions are helping professions, meaning that helping people is a high priority of mine. I think that I get a lot of fulfillment out of seeing other people succeed and do well.

Quite honestly, all of my success and forward movement with nutrition has come because I practice what I preach. I make it a priority to look the part and live the part, and so when people see me they know that they can trust what I’m saying because I do it myself. The other thing is through being kind to people. I make that a huge priority because I feel that everybody is connected to somebody else somehow, and it could be an important connection. So, I tell people to always be mindful of everybody you’re talking to because there’s a connection to that person. It’s just by being yourself, treating people really well, and working hard that gets you where you want to go.”