Marlins of Mercy: Makena Duval


“I went to two different places in Thailand: Phuket and Bangkok. Phuket was the beach part of my trip and Bangkok was the city part of the trip. In Phuket, I went to James Bond Island, which is where James Bond filmed a movie. I went to a dog rescue where they take strays off the roads and spay, neuter, and rehabilitate them. That was really cool; we got to play with all of the dogs. We went to an elephant sanctuary where they take elephants that have been abused in circuses, entertainment, or the logging industry, and they let the elephants have a happy life. In Bangkok we visited all of the hot spot temples that you had to go see. We saw reclining Buddha. We went to the Grand Palace, which was really cool. We had a Thai tour guide take us places and got a history lesson with [each place]. We also got blessed by monks there. My favorite part was the elephant sanctuary and seeing all of the elephants be happy after what they’ve been through. [I love] getting to see new culture, learning about people, and having new experiences. I’m just grateful that I am able to travel to see all these new things.”