Marlins of Mercy: Ms. Robinet


“When I was younger, I wanted to be a detective because my dad was a police officer. I wanted to follow in his footsteps. My dad said he wouldn’t pay for college if I was going to go into police work. So, I didn’t know what else to do so I went into teaching. Overall, I’m happy I chose teaching. Some days are better than others. My favorite thing about teaching is the variety of lessons I teach. Nothing is the same every day, and I like that. Keeping my patience is one of the hardest things of teaching. And keeping the students engaged. And checking homework.

My second year of teaching I had a student write me a letter. I was her psychology teacher and a speaker on Kairos. She said her experiences with me as a teacher gave her a reason for living. I was really touched. When I read the letter I started crying — and you know that doesn’t happen very often. I knew then I must be doing something right.

Outside of the classroom, I like to read a lot. I’ll read anything. My favorite book is probably Jane Eyre — so I sound intellectual. Haha. I always liked reading, and I was kind of nerdy in school. If I ever got punished my dad would send me to my room, but I would just take a book and read. If you’re going to give me a punishment, just take away my books.

To end, my favorite historical joke is Jimmy Fallon’s Gadsden Purchase skit. My APUSH kids will know.”