Marlins of Mercy: Claire Garner


Threads by Claire G is a new embroidery business started by junior Claire Garner. Garner takes ordinary articles of clothing and with her creative flair she transforms them into unique and original items. Photo by Julia Canty

“Fashion and art are really big interests of mine. I like having clothing that is different than other people’s and doing different things with my clothing. I felt like stores weren’t offering things that I wanted. There would be clothes that were partially what I was looking for but not exactly. [For example] I am not a big fan of random words on my shirts so after shopping and thinking ‘I do not want this’ I thought, “Why not just make something that I do want?” It’s fulfilling because I make the designs myself and no one else has it.

I feel like a lot of people are doing different things with fashion and I think that’s especially prominent right now. You see it all over Instagram, girls wearing unique things, crazy makeup, stuff like that so I thought a lot of people [at Mercy] would be really interested in my designs. If I feel comfortable in this clothing and I think it’s cool, why not let other people get in on that? I have customized a bunch of socks for people and several types of shirts, also [designs] on the legs of sweatpants. I definitely want more people to find out about this. I think that would be super cool. I hope to start making bigger designs on different pieces of clothing like jackets or jeans.

I taught myself how to do it [by hand] because I was so interested in sewing, and when I was younger I used to sew with the machine. I was always intrigued by sewing, so I decided I would just try this out. If it turned out bad I would try again. It depends on how big the design is and how many colors, but it can take me from 2-8 hours to finish a piece. My favorite part is just trying new things. I love coming up with new things and then showing people.”