Podcast review: Your Motivational High 5


The cover of the “Your Motivational High 5” series featuring their trending hashtag, #YMH5, in the top right corner. Fair use: photo from Facebook

“Five-minute motivation, for self-examination,” is the slogan for a podcast group that helps people realize how to live life better. Covering topics including failure, perfectionism, self-care, and spirituality, Phil Larson teaches people how to be motivated and be the better version of themselves.

Some podcasts can be as long as 40 minutes to an hour and a half. It can be grueling to try and sit through a person talking that long because it is like a lecture. This turns many people away from podcasts, especially because of common short attention spans. The amazing thing about “Your Motivational High 5” is that each of the episodes are only five minutes long. They are short and full of information.

“Your Motivational High 5” focuses on topics that are engaging as well as relevant to people of all ages. It is easy and convenient to play one on a drive to school or work, and it’s a positive way to start the day.

Larson’s smooth-toned voice is calming and easy to hear. He brings up good points about how we can change our normal routines. Larson makes it known that he thinks everyone is capable of becoming better.

It does not matter where the listener is starting in the series either. All of the episodes are great, and the best part is that listeners can choose a topic that is meaningful to them. Listeners do not have to start at the beginning and work their way through, or wait for the next podcast to come out; they can simply choose to listen to whichever one they want and won’t go wrong.

These short, positive podcasts have changed my opinion of podcasts, and now I find it an essential part of my morning to listen to an episode from the “Your Motivational High 5” series. Implementing the tips that Larson gives has changed how I see myself and the world. I highly recommend this series for anyone who is on the fence about podcasts or who is trying to improve themselves in any way.