Tea time: Detroit Bubble Tea review

After piercing the thin plastic layer with your sunshine-yellow straw wide enough to slurp up even the thickest milkshake, you put your mouth to its end, excitedly awaiting your first taste. You slurp up an ice cold slushie that tastes like blue raspberry, suddenly getting an extra burst of tasty tang. That party in your mouth is called a popping pearl, the staple ingredient in any bubble tea.

Although the first sip may be startling, this drink, loved by many, is the hottest new trend in the beverage industry.

Stop by Detroit Bubble Tea on Woodward and 9 Mile in Ferndale from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. to add a burst of fun to your day.

Bubble tea raises many questions among teens and adults alike: it’s an iced tea infusion blended on top of popping pearls or boba. The range of bubble tea flavors and textures is endless; bubble tea can be made with a blended tea base, milk base, or even just a slushie base. Not only can bubble tea have many different textures, but the pearls at the bottom can also have different textures. Boba, or tapioca balls, are slightly sweet and chewy, while jellies are similar to gummy bears and are fruit flavored. Finally, popping pearls are small pearls that explode with juicy flavor when bitten into. Detroit Bubble Tea offers over 30 flavors from Cookies & Cream to Watermelon, guaranteeing each drinker to find her own perfect combination. The wide range of textures, pearls, and flavors allow each customer a custom drink.

Bubble tea is great for everyone, even gluten-free and vegan customers. Organic and sugar-free options are also offered. This drink may be low in calories and sugar, but trust me, it is not low in flavor!

Detroit Bubble Tea prides itself for making delicious “tea with a twist” and has been honored to receive the “Best Sweet Treat” and “Best Drink” awards from Arts, Beats, and Eats in 2014.

The lively atmosphere inside the bubble tea shop pairs perfectly with the succulently sweet tastes inside each glass. Bright yellows, teals, and oranges cover the storefront and heighten the energetic mood sparked by the bubble tea. Calmingly upbeat alternative music plays quietly in the background, and free wifi makes it the perfect location to finish a quick homework assignment or hang out with friends.

Detroit Bubble Tea offers delicious beverages for a low price, ranging from a $3.50 small to a $5.50 extra-large, and encourages customers to return by issuing a LoyalTEA card. This promotion offers one free tea for every 10 that are purchased.

As summer begins to shine down, add a burst of flavor to your day with a bubble tea from Detroit Bubble Tea!