Fasting and repenting


Freshman Emily Guerrera enjoys a Reese’s chocolate before giving up sweets for Lent. (Photo Credit: Caitlin Jefferson)

Many think of Lent as merely a time when meat is given up each Friday and it is imperative to fast in some way and be kind toward others. These aspects are true but they are not the only things that Lent is all about. For 40 days, Catholics fast, pray, and repent to recognize the sacrifice Jesus made when He died on the cross.

Lent provides a time for Catholics to take a step back and prepare for Easter and he resurrection of Jesus. Lent is intended to be a time for growth and reflection. to mirror the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert undergoing temptation from Satan.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and Catholics receive ashes as a symbol of their mortality. Typically, people give up a something they enjoy during Lent. While there is no requirement to observe Lent, many Catholics, and Mercy girls, choose to do so.

“I celebrate Lent because it reminds me of my faith and of the sacrifices Jesus made for the world when he fasted for 40 days,” said freshman Emily Guerrera. “I also gave up candy to remind myself to behave like Jesus did by fasting from something.”

Although abstaining from candy, soda, and/or social media can be hard, it is important to remember the reason behind doing it. It can have positive effects such as weight loss, growing closer to God and family, and leading a more productive life.

“I gave up drinking anything but water and using Instagram,” said junior Madeline Gwinn. “I gave them up to practice living a more simplistic life like Jesus did and to focus more on the things around me and not social media.”