A kick-start to every day


The Mercy cafeteria offers a selection of breakfast items every day, including donuts, bagels, scones, and muffins, as well as fresh fruit, yogurt, and cereals. (Photo Credit: Anastasia Warner)

As the holidays approach, nearly every part of life seems to get faster and busier. Students have more homework in the weeks leading up to finals, teachers are finishing semester work, families are decorating and buying presents, and friends are making plans. High schoolers stay up later to study and complete final projects, but they need to be at top capacity to be effective. However, in the flurry of things to do, it is important to keep oneself healthy to handle the extra workload. One of the main ways to do this is by eating breakfast.

Eating a morning meal kicks off the day with a boost of energy and has multiple benefits that help in school.

“When you jump start your body with breakfast, you are giving yourself the energy you need to survive the day,” said Mrs. Brandi Lavely, a health and P.E. teacher at Mercy. She outlined how eating in the morning helps performance overall.

“Eating breakfast allows a person to have greater focus, higher achievement, and a more maintained weight,” she said.

Having a balanced and healthy breakfast is key. Mrs. Lavely recommended “good carbs, fiber and protein combined into something easy and tasty.” A donut or sugary cereal isn’t going to produce the same helpful effects as an egg, yogurt, or fruit.

Junior Michaela Pulick, a varsity swimmer, says eating before the swim team’s early morning practices is critical for her to perform well.

“[If I skip breakfast,] most of the time, I would just think about food during practice and swim really slowly, [and] if I don’t eat before school, I get tired more quickly,” she said.

Pulick prefers toast with peanut butter or a bagel and fruit as her quick morning meal, but often, not having enough time before school starts becomes an issue. “Ninety-five percent of the time I’m running late,” she said.

Fortunately, Mrs. Lavely has a tip for those who find themselves rushed in the morning.

“Try prepping breakfast bars or cups a few days ahead of time so that you have an easy thing to grab on your way out the door,” Mrs. Lavely said.