3 simple and fun Halloween costume ideas

It can be frustrating to find a decent, inexpensive Halloween costume to wear. Spirit Halloween or Party City can be expensive and may not even have a great costume selection. So why not put a costume together yourself? Here are some ideas to get you started this Halloween.

1. Rosie the Riveter

This iconic outfit is perfect for an easy, last-minute costume you may need for that special Halloween party coming up. It requires very few materials to put this together.

Denim shirt
Red lipstick
Red bandana
Tennis shoes/converse
Hair: pinned up with a bandana tied around head

2. Pink Lady

This classic 50s costume is hard to beat, and it’s a super fun look for Halloween. It is easy to achieve and will surely “wow” everyone!

Pink jacket
Black pants
Neck scarf
Tennis shoes/converse
Hair: tied in a ponytail

3. Candy Corn Witch

Although this one may not be a classic like the costumes mentioned before, this sweet costume is a great look for your Halloween festivities.

White, orange, and/or yellow hat
White, orange, and/or yellow skirt
Plain white shirt
Tights (white, orange, yellow, etc.)
Black boots
Hair: any style will work for this costume