Wash-away your old ways: DIY face scrub

What the “Spunky, Sweet, and Sour” face scrub should look like once mixed. (Photo credit: Simone Rhodes)

A very simple way to help “beat the bead,” as discussed in Newsprint this month, is making your own face wash/scrubs from scratch!

Besides moisturization, our skin also needs exfoliating treatments, or masks, to remove dead skin and impurities.

They’re relatively easy to make, not very expensive, and make really cute gifts as well.

Here are a few recipes for some of Newsprint’s favorite homemade face scrubs.

Spunky, Sweet, and Sour

What you’ll need:
-3 tbsp sugar (white or another coarse sugar, depending on what you prefer)
-1 tbsp olive oil
-1 tbsp lemon juice
-1 tbsp lemon zest

Directions: Combine the sugar and olive oil in a bowl and mix. Once you have obtained a smooth mixture, add the lemon juice. Let sit, and put it in a jar!

Not for breakfast

What you’ll need:
-4 tbsp ground/chopped oats
-2 tbsp honey
-1-3 tbsp olive oil or sweet almond milk

Directions: Measure out the oats into a bowl, and add half of the honey. Combine them and place the mixture on a cutting board. Chop the oats, and place back into bowl. Add the remaining ingredients.

For use: Apply the scrub to your face and gently massage in circular movements into your skin, avoiding your eyes. Rinse off with warm water, dabbing with a washcloth, and wiping from the lower-bridge of your nose outwards towards your ears. For your forehead, begin at your t-section (in between your eyebrows) and wipe up across your forehead, and down towards your chin. Make sure not to pull on your skin!