Mercy girls honor Pearl Harbor in Hawaii


Mercy students enjoy a short, but pleasant stay in Honolulu in which they got to show their thanks for veterans. (Photo credit: Lauren Hosko)

As the cold weather starts to set in and everyone in Michigan is bundling up in a coat and other snow gear, many people dream of the pleasant feeling of a summer sun hitting their skin. This past weekend, a few members of the Mercy pompon team got the opportunity to escape the dreary weather when they flew to Hawaii to perform in the annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day parade on Dec. 7.

Juniors Stephanie Hosko, Emma Jakowinicz, and Natalie Forster, along with senior Kaitlin Yaldo and freshman Maggie McSweeney got to perform in this special event due to their association with the Mid American All Star Pompon team. Since the parade took place in Honolulu, the girls were able to enjoy the weather.

“It is so humid, but so beautiful [there],” said junior Stephanie Hosko.

However, the girls visited Hawaii for more than just weather. They were there to help honor the many Americans killed in Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day parade is very special to many people, especially the veterans, who remember the attack and the vital part they played in the war.

“I loved performing [in the parade,]” said Hosko. “My favorite part about the trip was performing in front of veterans. They have done so much for our country.”

Hosko also added that she also enjoyed seeing the USS Bowfin and ringing the Freedom Bell.

Hosko is extremely grateful for the opportunities the Mid American All Star Pompon team has given her.

“Every year, [the team] travels to a large event such as a college football bowl game, the Olympics, or different parades,” said Hosko.

While traveling can be quite time consuming, Hosko’s favorite part of her time on pompon is the many different places she has gotten to see.

“I love the places performing has taken me,” said Hosko. “I can’t wait to see where I go next.”