Club makes comeback thanks to Mercy fashionista


Bell is wearing a regal, J Crew dress and classy strappy Steve Madden heels. (Photo credit: Angelique Wimbush-Bell)

Ever since junior Angel Bell was young, she was engrossed with fashion. She would assemble outfits, play dress-up, and sketch designs. Fashion allows Bell to escape reality and dive into a world of patterns, trends, and style. This love of fashion inspired her to help re-start a fashion club at Mercy High School.

“My style icon is Rihanna,” said Bell. “She can pull anything off.”

Like Rihanna, Bell has taken her passion for fashion and added it to her résumé. Both Bell and junior Jasmine Williams coordinate Fashion club. The club had existed at Mercy before, but other leaders dropped out and the club had limited participation. This year, Williams and Bell have revamped the club and have a lot planned for the school year. At the October meeting, runway shows were discussed and interpreted. The meeting was in preparation for the partnership between fashion club and the Mercy Mothers Club. The members will help design original pieces for a fashion show on January 9th.

Members will be given an old uniform to reconstruct into a new piece of clothing. The clothes that are made will be modeled and judged, and prizes will be given. This event will give members a chance to display their creativity.

Bell and Williams also participate in Nordstrom Fashion Ambassadors program. Bell’s favorite trends for the fall season are bomber jackets and capes. In club meetings, Bell and Williams encourage members to talk about their favorite trends.

“I like to wear timeless pieces – things that never go out of style,” said Bell, who plans on pursuing her fashion interest in college.

“I want to go to school for business or marketing, but I don’t want to limit myself,” said Bell. “I can definitely see myself working in marketing or merchandising in the future.”