Like to climb trees? Try The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield


The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield is a fantastic way to spend the day and get some physical activity. The park offers something for everyone to enjoy, no matter their age-level or skill (Photo credit: Fair Use).

Visiting The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield is an excellent way to spend a day outdoors and get exercise, all while having a lot of fun. So what exactly is The Adventure Park? Opening just last summer, The Adventure Park is a beautiful aerial forest park made up of obstacles suspended between the trees. Located just behind the Jewish Community Center, the forest has platforms in the trees connected by challenging bridges and zip-lines to climb and explore all on one’s own.

Upon arrival, one must fill out a waiver and purchase a ticket which is valid for three hours of climbing. It is best to go earlier or during the week to avoid the busiest times during the weekend and evenings. There’s a special price for the last three hours before the park closes. The rates are as follows: $39 (Tues-Thur), $44 (Fri-Sun & holidays).

Next, all climbers gather in a group and the staff proceeds to show climbers how to use the harness and other equipment. Once one completes the small introductory course, the climbing begins. There are five different courses to choose from, starting easy and getting more difficult. There is something for everybody, so no climbing experience is necessary. While up in the trees, climbers are clipped on to a safety cable at all times so there is no way to accidentally fall.

The trails are designed to be self-exploratory so everything can be done on one’s own time, but the staff is stationed throughout the park to assist if needed.

There are a variety of activities and challenges for climbers to complete once safely up in the trees. There are sections where one must balance across boards, crawl through suspended tunnels, and swing from tree to tree. Once climbers reach the end of the course, they can zip line down safely to the ground and start again.

All climbers are welcome to bring a lunch to enjoy at the picnic tables under the trees after they finish climbing. There is nice shade and it’s usually not too busy near the tables. In the evening, the courses are lit up, making night climbing a very beautiful and serene experience.
Although the adventure is on the expensive side, it is well worth it. Get ready for some physical work, a few bruises, and a lot of fun, because The Adventure Park makes for a fantastic day for kids and adults alike.