Let’s go funning

Fun runs have been sweeping the nation. From color runs to obstacle courses, themed races are suddenly all the rage. And why not? Most people groan when asked to go for a run. But ask them if they want to be blasted with a canon of multi-colored powder, and suddenly they are all in.

Fortunately for all of us, fun runs seem to fit the the mitten state like a glove. Here are the Top 5 fun runs coming to Michigan in 2015:


1.) The Color Run

Where: Lansing

When: July

This self-nicknamed ‘Happiest 5k on Earth’ will surely change your thoughts on exercising. Or, at the very least, it will color them. At each kilometer, runners are doused head-to-toe with a colorful array of paint. To take full advantage of this experience, do what most veterans of the race do and wear all white. You’ll finish the race looking like a human rainbow. Once the race is over, the ‘coloring’ continues during the post-race party, where people throw packets of paint into the crowds. All participants receive a special packet with a custom T-shirt, a multicolored headband, a temporary tattoo, and a shiny gold medal. This race has truly earned its nickname and won’t disappoint!

A race similar to the Color Run is the Color Me Rad 5k. This race is coming to Lansing in October. Like the Color Run, Color Me Rad leaves runners smiling and coated in all different colors of paint.

“I look forward to doing the Color Me Rad race every time it comes to Michigan,” said junior Colleen Hadley. “It is so much fun and it has become one of my favorite events of the year. I can’t wait to do it again this summer!”


2.) The Warrior Dash

Where: Mt. Morris

When: August

This race is not for the faint of heart. Other than being a 5k run, this race throws in a twist: 12 obstacle challenges. Whether it is climbing a wall, crawling through the mud, or jumping over fire pits, this race is sure to test your limits. No one finishes without a thick coating of mud and a smile. Runners are given a T-shirt, a fuzzy warrior helmet, and a medal.

“I would love to do a mud run like the Warrior Dash,” said freshman Rebecca Heaman. “It is such a cool idea and I think that it would definitely change the way I look at running.”


3.) Foam Festival

Where: Mt. Morris

When: June

Foam, foam, and more foam. This 5k was made for slobs and clean freaks alike. Runners crawl over obstacles, slide through mud pits, and, of course, power through walls of foamy soap. Slip ‘N Slides, bounce houses, and army crawls all make an appearance in this race. Run in a team or alone. Either way, this race is a can’t-miss!

“I really like the concept of being dirty and then clean,” said senior Analise Sala. “The best part is, I won’t have to shower before or after!”


4.) The Kona Chocolate Run

Where: Plymouth

When: November

Chocoholics rejoice! Even if you don’t think running is a treat, the promise of delicious chocolate should sweeten the deal. The Kona Chocolate Run guarantees a guilt-free smorgasbord of chocolatey sweets. After completing either the 5k or 10k race, runners are shuffled into tents containing chocolate buffets. Panera Bread and Gurnsey are just a few of the companies that provide the chocolate goodies that await runners. Along with all the chocolate they can eat, racers are given a beanie hat with the Kona race logo.

“I really love chocolate,” said freshman Chloe Russo. “Without a doubt, I would run for chocolate. Chocolate is the best motivation for exercising. I would love to sign up for this race. ”


5.) The Electric Run

Where:  TBD

When: TBD

Do you like to jam out to Electronic Dance Music while you run? If so, then tune in to this race. Participants dress head to toe in outrageous outfits, usually consisting of neon and glow-in-the-dark articles. Upon arrival, racers are given a t-shirt, sunglasses, and a glow-stick. This 5k takes runners through different ‘worlds’ (such as Under the Sea) set up to correspond with the music played. At the finish line, racers will find themselves in the middle of a rave. Runners celebrate finishing the race and make the unforgettable night last a little longer.

“I would love to run the Electric Run because I love EDM,” said junior Barbara Smith. “It would be such a lively atmosphere and would definitely making running something I look forward to!”