What really happens at the gynecologist

The gynecologist has had the negative connotation of “sex doctor” for years. Both Dr. Paige Sokolsky and the American College of Gynecology (ACOG) prove that notion wrong through medical experience and extensive research.

The obstetrician-gynecologist, also referred to as the OB/GYN, is a doctor who specializes in treating the female reproductive organs during pregnancy and non-pregnancy.

According to ACOG, the national recommendation for women to have their first appointment with the gynecologist is between the ages of 13 and 15.  The first visit is fully clothed, and it is mainly to establish a doctor-patient relationship and talk about issues ranging from self-confidence to prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

“It is important to know that the first visit, the patient is fully clothed,” said Dr. Paige Sokolsky.  “Nothing invasive will occur unless there is an issue.”

What happens in the exam room is similar to what takes place with any other doctor.  There is a brief Q&A session, an exam if needed, and further steps such as medication and/or another appointment.  One should visit the OB/GYN for a yearly checkup and more often if a problem arises.